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SNP Security - Optimises 2500 Employees Servicing 33,000 Clients with WFM from ComOps

2500 STAFF  - 33,000 CLIENTS

Established in 1923, SNP Security has continued to grow and establish themselves as one of the largest privately‐owned security enterprises in Australia. SNP Security’s 2,500+ employees and contractors work at a variety of client sites nationwide, including airports, retail shopping malls, hospitals and educational institutions as well as at critical infrastructure, government agencies and in private and public sector property management.

SNP focus on developing innovative security solutions which deliver financial and operational gains for today and the future for their clients throughout Australia. Their full suite of security services on offer include – security officers, mobile patrols, alarm response, Grade A1 live redundancy monitoring and electronic security, which includes security alarms, CCTV Systems, access control and security intercom systems. 

The Opportunity
As SNP continue to strive to be Australia’s leading integrated security solutions provider, they are focused on providing their clients with industry-leading services, state of the art technology and highly qualified staff, while ensuring they always meet the changing needs of the client. With a 97% customer retention rate that is attributable to excellent people backed by solid processes and industry-leading technology. 

SNP needed a workforce management software (WFM) solution with unique capabilities and services that could provide a platform for supporting a distributed workforce and meet the changing demands and needs of their 33,000+ clients throughout Australia. 

The Requirement
The new WFM solution required the ability to manage employees, clients and contractors with the required levels of flexibility, whilst ensuring compliance in terms of licensing and guaranteed costing outcomes, automate timesheets, allocate available shifts based on skills, cost, and suitability, and provide accurate award interpretation. Along with the flexibility to quickly plan and allocate employees for day-to-day operations as well as long-term forecasting of resources based on changing demands. 

The ComOps  Solution
ComOps implemented its ComOps  WFM solution. The solution includes ComOps ’s core module (rostering engine, costing engine, workflow engine and integration engine), award interpretation, mobility and employee self-service, timesheet management, attendance management and payroll integration.

In addition, the solution  has the capability to seamlessly interface with multiple core systems such as SNP Security’s Chris 21 payroll and HR software as well as Microsoft Dynamics general ledger systems enabling the organisation to automate customer invoicing through accurate, real-time capture of data. The ‘billing’ capability allows effective labour cost management against expected revenue based on rostering outcomes.

The ComOps  Employee Self Service and Mobility module provides SNP employees with access to their shifts via mobile devices, view available shifts, and bid for leave and shifts with approvals signed off via an automated workflow.

ComOps ’s Award Interpretation module will enable SNP Security management to automate award interpretation providing an audit trail for all rostered hours in accordance with relevant industrial awards and enterprise agreements.

The Benefits to SNP:
“Microster is realising the business case we required and providing the anticipated operational efficiencies,” says SNP Security’s CIO, Russell Harris.

ComOps ’s ability to allocate resources has assisted SNP Security to cater for demand, record profitability of day to day operations and ultimately provide the organisation’s customers with a cost effective and quality service. SNP are now able to proactively manage labour costs and optimise our employee utilisation in support of compliance and safety regulations. 

“We are experiencing time savings on all roster allocations and are now able to project and manage costs. ComOps  enables us to optimise the use of our 2500 distributed workforce.

In addition, we now have real-time, factual time-sheets and the information form the basis of our invoice to our customers. The integration to our HRMIS [Chris 21] makes payroll simple and efficient.”

ComOps ’s reporting capability is very flexible enabling SNP to create purpose designed reports that provide valuable management data previously unattainable, including automated ‘welfare checks’ for our workforce which enable monitoring of staff safety and wellbeing.