HAYS Select ComOps Workforce Management Solution Microster

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21 July 2014

ComOps Limited (“ComOps”), a leading provider of Workforce Management solutions (WFM), has been engaged to implement its Microster WFM solution for Hays, the experts in recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people, to completely automate award interpretation of timesheets for in excess of 100 awards.

Hays and ComOps have recently completed an extensive project to demonstrate the capability of the highly configurable Microster WFM solution. The project was jointly designed to demonstrate Microster’s ability to represent complex EBA and Award conditions, calculate payments and entitlements accurately in accordance with defined award conditions, and process multiple timesheets simultaneously to cater for Hays busiest processing periods.

After extensive evaluation of WFM solutions available, Hays found that the Microster WFM solution, developed by Australian company ComOps, was the only WFM solution able to meet their specific Award Interpretation and performance level requirements while being the most capable, flexible and configurable WFM solution in the Australian market. Hays’ Asia Pacific Finance Director, Phil Allen said, “I have been looking at Award Interpretation solutions on and off for approximately 15 years and this is the most capable and flexible I have seen”.

Hays will implement Microster to replace its purpose built Award Interpretation system which has been operational since 2000 and was developed by Hays to meet their unique requirements.

Microster will automate award interpretation for thousands of timesheet entries for a large workforce across multiple client locations, multi-stream processing against the correct awards and export payroll details to Hays Payroll and billing systems.

Microster will be integrated into multiple key business systems within Hays and implemented across the Australian and NZ operations. Microster also offers this level of integration for leading enterprise payroll solutions and providers of managed payroll services.

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