SNP Goes Live with ComOps Workforce Management Solution Microster

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25 July 2014

ComOps Limited (“ComOps”), a leading provider of Workforce Management solutions (WFM), has recently implemented their Microster WFM solution at SNP Security, one of the largest privately‐owned security enterprises in Australasia.

Microster’s unique capabilities and services have addressed the needs of SNP Security’s vast workforce, providing the flexibility to quickly plan and allocate their employees' day‐to‐day operations as well as long-term forecasting of resources based on changing demands.

“We are very pleased with the implementation process and Microster is now live in Victoria, New South Wales (Sydney & Newcastle), Queensland and ACT. Microster is realising the business case we required and providing the anticipated operational efficiencies” says SNP Security’s CIO, Russell Harris.

“We are experiencing time savings on all roster allocations and are now able to project and manage costs. Microster enables us to optimise the use of our 2500 distributed workforce. In addition, we now have real-time, factual timesheets and the information forms the basis of our invoice to our customers. The integration to our HRMIS [Chris 21] makes payroll simple and efficient.”

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