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ComOps Limited Announces Partial Completion of Entitlement Offer

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25 November 2014

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The ComOps Limited Board of Directors (ASX:COM) (Company) is pleased to announce that its recently announced entitlement offer (Entitlement Offer) has been partially completed.

A total of 48,866,602 new ordinary shares has been allotted and issued at an issue price of $0.03 per ordinary share, for a total value of $1,465,998.

Pursuant to the application for official quotation of these new ordinary shares, COM confirms the following:

  • The 48,866,602 new ordinary shares were allotted and issued on 25 November 2014. In accordance with the timetable for the Entitlement Offer announced previously, holding statements will be dispatched to shareholders today;
  • An Appendix 3B in respect of the new ordinary shares issued pursuant to the Entitlement Offer is annexed to this announcement; and
  • Following allotment and issue of the 48,866,602 new ordinary shares the issued capital of COM comprises 557,862,228 fully paid ordinary shares and 7,000,000 options.

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